Customer Testimonials

Bruce Richards

Good service, friendly and helpful owners. Quality workmanship.


Izak van Niekerk

Pro Service


Rudi Du Toit

Went to pick up a helmet from a friend at Roaring Wheels. Owner and his wife (Leandra) are such good and honest people. Bought a phone mount from them at a steal. God bless you and your business

what we do best

Service of bikes

Roaring Wheels has 13 years of experience in the servicing of bikes. To book your service today,head on over to the contact us page

All mayor brands

We have ample experience in the servicing of Linhai And Polaris. All major and minor repairs. We have the equipment to service BMW motorbikes as well.

resetting of service lights

We can assist in the resetting of service lights on your bike. To make your booking, contact us today.

We sell all your biking accessories

We have a wide range of Motorcycle Helmets, Motorcycle Gear and Accessories, Motorcycle Parts, Motorcycle Tyre Specials that fit your every need.

tyres available at roaring wheels

We have a large variety of tyres available. Phone us today to inquire on the tyres you are looking for.

engine overall and suspensions

We have a motorbike mechanic that provides our clients with the most professional assistance in Rebuilding engines and suspensions on Motorcycles and servicing their Super Bikes, Off Road Bikes and Dual Purpose Bikes.