Specials From Roaring Wheels

We Sell Bikes! Please take a look at the specials that Roaring Wheels has at the moment:

R2 899.00

R2 799.00


Call For Special

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Bridgestone BT 016
Combo voor en agter + fitted and balanced
120-70-17 EN 190-50-17
   Sena SMH5 Double BMW Head light and
Radiator Guard R1200GS\A
 Trax Top Box


R4 199.00

R1 865.00

R2 599 - R2 999

Call For Special

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 Scala Rider Q3 Multy BMW R1200GS\A
Bash Plate
Mitas E07
Combo voor en aggter + fitted and Balanced
110-90-19 EN 150-70-17 
90-90-21 EN 150-70-17
 Trax Panniers

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