Did you know? Fun Facts about Motorcycles

motorcycle service secundaThe first Motorcycle was a steam-driven bicycle, invented by Sylvester Howard Roper in 1967 and was powered by coal.

The world's longest motorcycle was build in 2005 in Russia. It was 31 feet (9 meters) long and could sit 16 people!

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Harley-Davidson is the top motorcycle manufacturer

The First Harley-Davidson motorcycle has a carburetor made from canned tomato tin

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Women Motorcycle Riders are increasing in numbers

Roaring Wheels can provide professional assistance in Rebuilding Motorcyles and Servicing of Super Bikes, Off Road Bikes, and Dual Purpose Bikes.

One of the biggest reasons a motorcycle ends up in the shop is tire related!

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Japan built a motorcycle which is powered by human waste and called it TOTO.


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Be Prepared. Wear the Right Gear

motorbike company in SecundaRoaring Wheels is a motorcycle gear company based in Secunda.  

Too many times we have seen bike riders with bike accesories and gear which is in appropiate. Wearing the appropriate items is essential for protection, while driving your motorbike. Some amongst other motorbike essentials include: coat, set jacket, chaps and set footwear, as well as a DOT accepted helmets, which are probably the key element to your safety.

Having it DOT certified assures you that your helmet satisfies the best requirements in protection. Your motorbike coat can secure your body from some very unpleasant street cuts in any sort of incident. A couple of set work gloves assist several requirements and a durable couple of footwear will secure you and thighs.

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Sena Bike Camera's

bike accessoriesTechnology isn't simply changing how, where and when we ride, however it's also introducing new approaches to experience our time without being on the motorcycle and even convey motorcycling right into our living rooms. New ways to record and a video and audio are increasing our options for leisure and it's only owhere that the Sena 10C sets a brand new benchmark in staying related inside the action.

With power saving Bluetooth four.0 technology, the unibody design is water resistant and firmware upgradeable, ensuring you live abreast with loose lifetime enhancements. Operation is intuitive with voice activates and voice commands guiding you along the way.

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The All New R1200 RS BMW Motorcycle

R1200rs bmw motocycleThe success in sales in the new R1200 RS BMW Motorcycle is due to the fact that riders desired to travellengthy distances without having to sacrifice performance. different manufacturers soon followed BMW's motorcycles lead.

Unlike bikes built with for a single cause, traveling bikes are a compromise of distinctive worlds. Not convinced? then get yourself the old R 1200 RT and move out of the way.

The brand new RS makes use of the same boxer engine discovered inside the GS and RT line. With liquid-cooled heads, it cranks out 125 horsepower at 7,750 rpm and 92 foot-pounds of height torque at 6,500 rpm.

We are aware that 125 horsepower sounds a piece lackluster in this point in time of big horsepower motorcycles, however the RS wears it nicely.

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Repairing a Punctured Motorcycle Tyre

motorcycle secunda Bike tyres Punctures happen. Be that as it may, in the event that you are set up for this unavoidable incident with your bike tires, it needn't ruin your day.

Lets Face it, some time or another your Motorcycle will have a punctured tire. On the off chance that you walk to the parking garage and discover your Motorcycle is sitting on one of its rims, tally yourself Lucky. A flattening on the road driving at very fast speed can be very dangerous.

When you first notice the problem while driving , deliberately move your foot off the throttle and remember smoothness is critical. Next, apply the brake on the unaffected wheel, step by step conveying your Motorcycle to a stop in a protected spot. Connected brakes require additional alert. It is possible to stop the movement on the harmed tire.

Discover the reason for the puncture to figure out what you can do. On the off chance that the cut is from a nail or comparative article in the tread of your tubeless tire, you ought to have the capacity to fix it. Star-formed infiltrations, cuts, or sidewall harm mean your motocycle needs to a motocycle secunda repair shop.

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Service your Bike with Roaring Wheels

In order to keep your bike in optimum condition you need to service your bike regularly with bike services in secunda. Bike services will easily allow you to spot any major bike repairswarning signs before they become a problem.

Basic bike services secunda include:

1) Checking the operation of your lights
2) Checking your tyre condition
3) Ensure chains are adjusted and correctly lubricated
4) check all Mechanical moving parts
5) Check Controls like clutch etc

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