Did you know? Fun Facts about Motorcycles

motorcycle service secundaThe first Motorcycle was a steam-driven bicycle, invented by Sylvester Howard Roper in 1967 and was powered by coal.

The world's longest motorcycle was build in 2005 in Russia. It was 31 feet (9 meters) long and could sit 16 people!

Roaring Wheels is a Bike Shop in Secunda

Harley-Davidson is the top motorcycle manufacturer

The First Harley-Davidson motorcycle has a carburetor made from canned tomato tin

Roaring Wheels has all the equipment needed to service BMW Motorcycles

Women Motorcycle Riders are increasing in numbers

Roaring Wheels can provide professional assistance in Rebuilding Motorcyles and Servicing of Super Bikes, Off Road Bikes, and Dual Purpose Bikes.

One of the biggest reasons a motorcycle ends up in the shop is tire related!

Roaring Wheels has a wide range of Motorcycle Helmets, Motorcycle Accessories and Motorcycle Gear

Japan built a motorcycle which is powered by human waste and called it TOTO.


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