The All New R1200 RS BMW Motorcycle

R1200rs bmw motocycleThe success in sales in the new R1200 RS BMW Motorcycle is due to the fact that riders desired to travellengthy distances without having to sacrifice performance. different manufacturers soon followed BMW's motorcycles lead.

Unlike bikes built with for a single cause, traveling bikes are a compromise of distinctive worlds. Not convinced? then get yourself the old R 1200 RT and move out of the way.

The brand new RS makes use of the same boxer engine discovered inside the GS and RT line. With liquid-cooled heads, it cranks out 125 horsepower at 7,750 rpm and 92 foot-pounds of height torque at 6,500 rpm.

We are aware that 125 horsepower sounds a piece lackluster in this point in time of big horsepower motorcycles, however the RS wears it nicely.

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