Motorbike Shop Services

At Roaring Wheels, Motorbike Shop, Secunda, we have a wide variety of services, including but not limited to:

  1. Suspension Services - Servicing of front shocks
  2. Motorbike Services - Servicing of super bikes, off-road & Dual Purpose Bikes
  3. Tyre Services - Tyre fitment
  4. Rebuilding Motorbike Engines

Roaring Wheels, motorbike shop Secunda, strives to provide our clients with professional and quality products and services.

Contact roaring wheels Secunda, today, for all your Motorbike needs.

Bike Collecting Service

Did you know roaring wheels has a bike collecting service?


Roaring Wheels, motorbike shop Secunda, provides the following expert services:

Servicing of suspension (shocks)
Servicing of Super Bikes, Off-Road Bikes, Dual Purpose Bikes
Tyre Fitment
Rebuilding Motorbike Engines

Contact roaring wheels, motorbike shop Secunda, for all your Motorbike Needs today!

Roaring Tyres at Roaring Wheels

Changing your motorcyle tyres regularly is of high importance, as the tyres' thread gets worn out making it dangerous to travel. At roaring wheels we offer a large range of high quality MotorBike Tyres Secunda based as well as tyre fitment pieces and services. Our tyres at roaring wheels are of wonderful standard, combining durability and performance. At roaring wheels we offer the following tyre brands:

  • Pilot Road 2
  • Michellin
  • Mitas
  • Pirelle
  • Bridgestone
  • and many more!

Contact us at roaring wheels today! Your Expert in MotorBike Tyres Secunda Based!


Roaring Wheels Secunda

Roaring Wheels is a motorbike shop situated in Mpumalanga based. roaring wheels strives towards professional customer service and pride ourselves in fulfilling our clients each and 

Motorbikes Mpumalanga Roaringwheels

every motorcycle need. Here at roaring wheels we only offer the Best Bikes For Sale in South Africa, and have a large variety of Motorcycle products including, Motorcycle Helmets, Motorcycle Gear and Accessories, Motorcycle Parts, Motorcycle Tyres as well as offering Motorcycle servicing.


At roaring wheels we have professional experience within assistance in Rebuilding Motorcycles and servicing their Super Bikes, Off Road Bikes and Dual Purpose Bikes.

At roaring wheels we have all the equipment to service BMW Motorcycles

One Stop and you are fully equipped with everything you might need. Contact roaring wheels today for your perfect Morotbikes Mpumalanga based!

Professional Service at Roaring Wheels

bike store in secundaRoaring Wheels strives to fulfill all our client's motorcycle requirements. roaring wheels has a large variety of motorcycle gear, motorcycle tyres and motorcycle accessories in Secunda. roaring wheels specializes in dual purpose / adventure bikes, super bikes or off road bikes and will ensure that each and every client is equipped with all the necessary gear and gadgets.

Roaring Wheels has qualified, professional staff and mechanics that provide the utmost professional expertise and assistance in rebuilding motorcycles as well as servicing Super Bikes, off road bikes and dual purpose bikes.

Contact roaring wheels for all your motorcycle gear, motorcycle tyres and motorcycle accessories needs as well as servicing of Super Bikes, off road bikes and dual purpose bikes.

Quality Motorcycle Tyres

bike tyres secundaA motorcycle is only as safe as it's tyres, ensuring that your motorcycle has excellent quality tyres that can provide enough traction on wet surfaces, absorb the impact of potholes and have enough grip and thread on the road.

Waiting until your tyres are worn down can be extremely dangerous as this could lead to poor thread and traction on the road, increasing chances of an accident.

It is very important to know when your tyres need to be replaced; it is best to consult professionals, such as roaring wheels motorcycle shop Secunda, who specialize in motorcycle services, motorcycle tyres, motorcycle gear and motorcycle accessories.

Contact roaring wheels, Motorcycle Shop Secunda, for your motorcycle tyre needs today!

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